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Artist Brian Setzer
Brian Setzer is also the lead singer of the band Stray Cats. (Richard)  
Track When I Held Ya by Moa Lignell from When I Held Ya [single] (2012) 
You need to watch the Swedish Idol performance to appreciate this song, readily available on YouTube, otherwise it sounds like another nicely produced singer/songerwriter effort with perhaps too much repetition. Watch Moa Lignell play this live in front of the judges. (Richard)  
Album Playland by Johnny Marr (2014)
Johnny Marr gets it right. (Richard)  
Album Plowing Into The Field of Love by Iceage (2014)
Be wary - a harsh listen with aggressive vocals for certain types of audiences. (Richard)  
Album Soused by Scott Walker + Sunn O))) (2014)
You only release an album like this if you don't give a damn what other people think, and that's to be highly commended if it's actually any good. Five tracks averaging about 10 minutes in length of rock opera, swathes of shiny-shiny boots of leather, a combination of 'Songs For Drella' and the likely future soundtrack of 'Oliver Twist meets Sweeney Tood vs The Omen', unnerving violin undercurrents - no, that's people screaming to death actually, an operatic corpse, an aeroplane going over head, engine ready to explode and kill at least a dozen people, except that's really happening, and best of all, an amazing album cover. Will I be listening to this again? Yes, probably the next time I'm looking to get rid of unwanted guests. (Richard)  
Album Taiga by Zola Jesus (2014)
Not rubbish, not at all, but an album that had me hovering over the skip button more than I like, for a surprisingly mainstream release. (Richard)  
Track I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Arrows from I Love Rock 'n' Roll (demo) (1975) 
I love the Joan Jett version, of course, but it's a cover of this 1975 original from the UK band 'Arrows', which is just as great as the JJ version. Check out this LINK on YouTube and spot the difference. (Richard)  
Track Rockin' All Over The World by Status Quo from Rockin' All Over The World (1977)
A cover version of the John Fogerty original recorded in 1975, two years before. This was a big hit for Status Quo in the UK. (Richard)  
Track I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by The Temptations & The Supremes from The Supremes Join The Temptations (1968)  
The voice of Diana Ross is much more powerful than the Temptations in this song. (Richard)  
Album Stay Gold by First Aid Kit (2014)
Re Dave's comments. One listen was enough for me, followed by 'purge'. A band that has disappeared into obscurity through playing to the crowd, instead of playing for themselves. FAK's rush towards mainstream acceptance has led to obscurity, and it's far too early into their career for that. (Richard)