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Wake Up


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: Wake Up


: The Arcade Fire


: Funeral


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: 5:35


: 2004


: Canada


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Funeral by The Arcade Fire
The Arcade Fire
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BBC Radio 6:
No.12 - Top Listener Voted Songs (from 2002 to 2012)


NME Best 100_2000s (2012):
No.25 - From the smallest of acorns come the most statuesque natural beauties: so ‘Wake Up’ grows from an inelegantly struck guitar chord into something practically religious in its fervour and scale. If you’ve ever been in a crowd of any size, from an intimate congregation to some vast festival mass, when this hymn to life takes flight you’ll know just how good it feels to open your lungs. Yes, we know there are some really quite touching lyrics, but nothing quite so affecting as “Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh-oh” when bellowed out by about 100,000 lungs.


NME - Top 150 from 1996 to 2011:
No.22 - There’s a reason why six years on, ‘Wake Up’ still remains one of the biggest guns in the AF live arsenal. Well, there’s many. That surly, chugging riff and the way the ripple of keys introduces the chorus like a sunburst through the clouds. The way that Win Butler realized that the best thing he could do for that chorus would be to just get his whole band to sing “ohhhh, ohhh, woaaah-oh-oh-ohhhhh” over and over. The way after finally building to a howling torrential climax, it completely wrongfoots you by changing nearly four minutes through into a completely different, country-skippy-twinkly kind of song, leaving you with a sense of celebration and limitless possibility. Those sorts of things.


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