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Dear Prudence


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: Dear Prudence


: The Beatles


: The White Album


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: 3:56


: 1968


: UK


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The White Album by The Beatles
The Beatles
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It would be very foolhardy to say this is the stand-out track from the amazingly diverse 'White Album' (1968) because there is such a wide choice of quality songs. It's a very good song nonetheless, the guitar work is outstanding, and of course John Lennon's vocals are just excellent. The track kicks off with a continuously plucked guitar that doesn't relent - the essential guitar riff if you like. Lennon starts off by offering ideas to his Dear Prudence and we have a lovely, fuzzingly ambient psychedelic rock song. The backing vocals also add a nice piece of audio glow to the overall atmosphere. Later on, a bit of solo guitar is introduced a-la George Harrison for that extra bit of spice. A track largely overlooked by compilations, this song is just one more example of how prolific The Beatles were over their eight year career period. 'The White Album' is a double album and side/CD 1 is possibly just a bit better than side/CD 2 but it's a tough one to call. There is so much to be had and explored here, you can find endless amounts of musical invention, lyrical ideas, orchestrated harmonies, extra samples and bolted on parts. Songs abound, just look at the rather innocuous 'Don't Pass Me By' sung by Ringo Star as another little known yet fantastic track from the album. And what courage to put 'Revolution 1' on side 2 of LP 2 - some people maybe wouldn't get that far. Just for the record, Siouxsie and The Banshees did a copy of Dear Prudence which is all gothed-up and largely forgettable.


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