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The Violence of Truth


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: The Violence of Truth


: The The


: Mind Bomb


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: 1989


: UK


: Art Pop | Alt-Rock | New Wave


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Mind Bomb by The The
The The
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This is undisputedly the best track from The The's opus magnum 'Mindbomb', unless you dispute that of course, ho ho. But it is a good record. The track has a lovely opening, slight, jazzy electronic organ rhythm, eerie, sketchy guitars, rumbling drums, building up the to the essential drum riff that creates the core pulse of the song. Matt Johnson's vocals come in with "What is evil, what is love?" - he wants to know a lot doesn't he? But it's interesting stuff. It's surprising that the track is almost SIX minutes in length because it passes by so quickly, but I guess that's because it's so entertaining, plus it's nice and danceable and ear friendly. Great lyrics too: "Something's telling you to wake up and salute, the dangers of obedience, the violence of truth", for example. The The is essentially the work of one man - Matt Johnson, producing most of his best and memorable work during the late 1980's. This particular track 'The Violence of Truth' is, as the title suggests, a rather political number, reminding us of impending doom because of our frivolous actions and lack of concern over poorer nations and because of our warring cultures. OK, Matt, ultimately we're in for it, and you get the message across very well, but your music is light, almost sugary pop at times, and yet your messages are nearly always so gloomy. Where's the middle ground? There's a problem with The The's sound overall because of that tendency to go from one extreme to the other, but sometimes that combination comes just right, as on here, 'The Violence of Truth'. The rest of the album doesn't compare to this except the rather good 'The Beat(en) Generation'. It's these two tracks then that you should get hold of for The The's best work, although don't forget the album 'Infected' (1986).


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