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La Femme D'Argent


: 73


: La Femme D'Argent


: Air


: Moon Safari


: "ms1"


: 1


: 7:10


: 1998


: France


: Chill | Downtempo | ---


: Relaxing | Melodic | Progressive | Intense | Esoteric
Moon Safari by Air
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Taken from one of the best albums of the 90's and certainly one of the best chill-out albums ever. 'Le Femme D'Argent' (or The Woman of Argent) is the opening track from the album and epitomizes all that is the music of Air. Just listen to this track and you'll understand what all the fuss about the group is about. If you don't like what is essentially ambient noodling then you're not going to get on with this but it's hard to say that this music isn't beautiful. The track has a guitar lead build-up with some subtle keyboarding to help things along; this cruises along for a minute-and-a-half until the high-pitched synthed sound hits it's cue, making for the very distinctive Air trademark sound; it's the riff of the track. Lots of laser fire and spiralling loops give interesting background effects to accompany the excellent piano work. Just sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of beautiful music. The track leads on to the rest of the album; next up is the excellent 'Sexy Boy' followed by the brilliant 'All I Need'. Take any one of the album's tracks, stick a few cubes of ice into the mix, lie back and enjoy a chill-out ambient dream.


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