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Penny Lane


: 113


: Penny Lane


: The Beatles


: Magical Mystery Tour (US Version)


: "0"


: 9


: 3:03


: 1967


: UK


: Art Pop | Chamber Pop | Singer-Songwriter


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Magical Mystery Tour (US Version) by The Beatles
The Beatles
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'Penny Lane' is one of The Beatles' most unheralded and ridiculed tracks in a way because of what's known as the 'Truck Driver's Gear Change' - kicking in at various junctures throughout the track. Eh, what? Well, if you care to listen you'll hear the chorus "Penny Lane is in my ears..." etc, followed by a repeat of the same chorus that's sung at a slightly higher tempo - hence the gear change. This 'trick' was used as a way of filling a largely unimaginative, lacking-in-ideas song with more zip and variety. You get the picture...a way of just pumping the song along a bit further by tweaking the simplist of buttons. So! We were conned? Penny Lane is no good at all, right? Well that's a load of bollocks, never mind what people say or think, as this is a top notch, top quality track and no mistake. Just add it to your copious list of 'must get' Beatles songs for purchase/download/copy/hire.....


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