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Animal Farm


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: Animal Farm


: The Kinks


: The Village Green Preservation Society


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: 3:02


: 1968


: UK


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The Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks
The Kinks
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Chris W.:
Makes me feel so happy this song.


If you want to know anything about the year 1968 go out and buy The Beatles' double album 'The White Album' and marvel at the A-Z of past, present and what were to be up and coming sounds. When you get back rush out and get a copy of 'The Village Green Preservation Society' by The Kinks. Widely considered as The Kinks' best album there are a lot of very good tunes here but you can't really look at individual tracks because it's an album that benefits from being a collection of musical ideas. If there IS a duffer on the album though it's the rather jokey 'All of My Friends Were There'. That's a very minor criticism though so just take your pick from the rest. One of the stand-out highlights without a doubt is 'Animal Farm'. It's a tale of wonderful days spent on the farm with the cats and dogs and the pigs and goats, not to be confused with George Orwell's mini novel of the same name about the uprising of the animals and the transfer of power from humans to the pigs. Pigs are on an equal footing with the goats here as it's a lovely reminiscing song about going back to those days (circa Village Green of course) when everything was warm and innocent, games were played with frivolity and abandon; there were no deceptions, "People are real people, not just playing". It's a portrait of all the best things in life and the music thoroughly reflects this. Ray Davies is a genius that's for sure as this is really imaginative music. The song benefits even more however if you listen to it in a sequence with the preceding track 'Down By The Riverside', followed by 'Village Green'. These three tracks combined are the album's highlights.


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