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Let's Go Surfing


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: Let's Go Surfing


: The Drums


: The Drums


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The Drums by The Drums
The Drums
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NME - Top 150 from 1996 to 2011:
No.60 - And lo, with a stripped back Joy Division bassline and a chirpy whistle The Drums made themselves known. And this simple ode to surfing (from a New York-based band who have barely hung ten between them and soon grew tired of questions about the sport) made itself comfortable in our brains. An effortless balancing act of the maudlin and the perky propelled by Jonathan Pierce’s inimitable vocals and of course some well-timed handclaps it quickly shifted Peter, Bjorn and John off the coveted ‘best whistle track’ top spot.


Signalled the arrival of one of 2010’s brightest hopes. The sort of tune that screams “play me!” 12-months-a-year, eight-days-a-week, packing as it does the three key ingredients of perfect pop: nagging riffs, swoon-inducing harmonies and handclaps aplenty.


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