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: Formed a Band


: Art Brut


: Bang Bang Rock & Roll


: "Bang Bang Rock And RollArt Brut"


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: 2005


: UK


: Indie | Post-Punk | Britpop


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Bang Bang Rock And Roll by Art Brut
Art Brut
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NME - Top 150 from 1996 to 2011:
No.102 - If pop is all about the eternal and ever present now now NOW, what more brilliantly ‘this is happening!’ opening statement than having the chorus of your first single feature a man shouting “FORMED A BAND! WE FORMED A BAND!” over and over? Still going strong, we regard Art Brut now with a warm affection, glad that someone’s still fighting the indie fight, old-school style. But when they play this, it reminds us that back when they had just formed a band, they had a ramshackle fire and a way with an Elastica-raw riff that made them seem if not quite dangerous, well, pretty thrilling. Unlikely hero Eddie Argos had quite the way with a one-liner, but there was never just one… “We’re gonna be the band that writes the song/That makes Israel and Palestine get along”. “Die your hair black/Never look back/My past is my business”. A breathless, brilliant state-of-the-indie-nation address.


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