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Low Happening


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: Low Happening


: Howling Bells


: Howling Bells


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: 3:08


: 2006


: Australia


: Indie | --- | ---


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Howling Bells by Howling Bells
Howling Bells
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The first time I listened to this track I was gripped. Itís such an intensely fresh, direct sound and at the same time kind of old-fashioned, a bit punky-gothic, stained with archaically reverbed effects. The lead guitar is haunting, a feedback effect thatís jangly, icy and disconcerting, jabbing quickly, jarring, drums rumbling onwards, instantly banging over and out. Itís a fabulous piece of rocking indie-reverb, a sexy, cold-plated steel amalgam of pedals and effects, pulsing electric cold-blue flames Ė essentially on fire. -- A quick pop hit at 3:08, there isnít much flab, itís lean and to the point, but, and perhaps the only down point, is the overly strong Australian singerís accent perhaps? Or perhaps thatís one of the charms?.


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