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Sheena Is A Parasite


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: Sheena Is A Parasite


: The Horrors


: Strange House


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: 2007




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Strange House by The Horrors
The Horrors
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NME - Top 150 from 1996 to 2011:
No.96 - When this casually brilliant garage-punk brawler was released, The Horrors were still routinely derided as shallow scenesters. How were folk to know what they’d become, people say. Well, bollocks, frankly, the evidence of their genius was there right from the start, as well as of the omnivorous and exquisite musical taste that would blossom darkly in the years to come. The drumbeat is based on the flipping Amen Break, for god’s sake. Faris’ splenetic, taught yowls (“She hates everyone/She knows no one”), that hammy horror organ… it’s thrillingly brilliant. The terrifyingly sexy/squiddy strobe-drenched video, directed by Chris Cunningham and starring Samantha Morton as the titular Sheena, embodiment of punk evil (with thanks to the Ramones and The Cramps) was a masterpiece, too.


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