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Atlantis To Interzone


: 76


: Atlantis To Interzone


: The Klaxons


: Myths of The Near Future


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: 3:18


: 2007


: UK


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Myths of The Near Future by The Klaxons
The Klaxons
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NME - Top 150 from 1996 to 2011:
No.125 - The sirens blared, the harmonies popped with engergised urgency, the verses were the sonic equivalent of Burroughs' stateless city. The chorus was a different matter entirely, as the band shifted the KLF-esque rave down in favour of a messy, grot rock doom-down that had more in common with Test Icicles' messy jam/meltdowns than anything involving green lasers or unironic neon. It felt like an effortless, on-the-money evocation of genre barriers melting down into one multi-coloured mass of beauty.


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